Are You Offering Perks That Your CPA Firm Employees are Excited About?

Have you ever been given a gift that you were less than enthused about? A classic example of this is opening beautifully packaged socks on Christmas morning. The gift wrapping promised an incredible present, but sorely under-delivered. This scenario would leave most of us feeling extremely disappointed. This is how your CPA firm employees feel when you offer them perks that they don’t want.

A lot of employers fall short when it comes to offering perks that their employees desire. The result is under-motivated workers. The good news is an ounce of research about what perks will satisfy employees will yield an entire workforce of happier CPAs.

A Few Perks Your CPA Firm Employees Will Love

If you want your CPAs to be loyal to your firm, give them perks they will love. Here are a few ideas:


Have you ever polled your accountants on what they desire most in the workplace? The chances are high that the majority of workers would request a more flexible schedule. Flexibility is crucial to employee satisfaction, so make it a priority to give it to your CPAs. Not only will it make them happier at work; it will also make employees more productive.


No one wants to feel purposeless in his or her job. One way to help your employees feel more purposeful is to find out what causes they are passionate about and then support the cause(s) as a firm. For example, could your CPAs get excited about working for a firm that is giving a small percentage of revenue to organizations fighting human trafficking? Knowing they are working as a team to contribute to the good of others may give your employees the sense of purpose they need to stay loyal to your firm.


Allowing employees to telecommute to work is a perk most people will appreciate. Alison Green, writer for U.S. News, said, “While many companies are ramping up their use of telecommuting, plenty still won’t consider it at all, even for employees whose jobs could easily be done from home. Companies that allow telecommuting – particularly when a staff member is slightly under the weather but can still work, or when someone needs to wait at home for a repair person or delivery – go a long way toward earning employees’ loyalty.” Is telecommuting a perk you’d consider offering to your CPAs?

If you think your accountants and other employees don’t really care about perks, think again. Perks are important to any employee’s satisfaction. Furthermore, the right perks have the power to help you retain your best employees.

What perks does your firm offer its accountants and other employees? Which perks do your workers seem to care the most about?


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