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2 Tips for Taking Charge of Your Time at Work

Did you know that, if you are an average employee, you check your work email about 50 times a day? On a daily basis, you also use instant messaging 77 times. These actions aren’t just monotonous, but they also eat up your work time.

“In a study released in 2007, a group of Microsoft workers took, on average, 15 minutes to return to serious mental tasks, like writing reports or computer code, after responding to incoming e-mail or instant messages,” stated 10 Hard to Believe (But True) Productivity Statistics.

Do you personally experience this on the job?

We Lose Up To 6 Hours a Day to Distractions at Work 

Too many of us let our email accounts or co-workers run our lives. We simply aren’t in charge of the time we spend at work. As a result, we may offer up to 6 hours a day of work time on the altar of distraction. It’s time to take back our most productive hours so that we can get work done on time, and leave it at the office at the end of day. 

Maximize Your Time at Work with These 2 Tips

Ready to start taking charge of your time at work? Get the ball rolling with these 2 productivity-enhancing tips:

1. Ask for More Quiet Time — Interruptions from coworkers are inevitable. Minimize them by asking for more quiet time. If you share an office with someone, determine set times with that person in which neither of you will talk. Wear headphones to make it clear you are unavailable. If you have your own office, close your door. Hang a sign from your doorknob that lets people know you are busy and when exactly you will be free again (chalkboard signs are great for this). Exit out of your email during these quiet times and focus on one thing: work.

2. Set Boundaries with Technology — Technology should enhance your productivity, not diminish it. Setting these boundaries will detox your relationship with technology and keep distractions at bay…

  • Turn off your cell phone for 30-60-minute periods of time. At the very least, turn off your sound while you are doing focused work.
  • Plan times to check your email. For example, check it when you get to work, mid-day, and near the end of the day. Get out of the habit of checking email 50 times per day. (Just imagine the time you’ll save.)
  • Block your access to social media on your work computer. Use social networking block software like ColdTurkey (there is a free option), to facilitate this. 

Managing your time at work can feel like an uphill battle. The combination of a busy schedule, chatty coworkers, and the mesmerizing pull of Facebook and Gmail mingle to create unprecedented stress. Take charge of your workday by requesting more quiet time and setting boundaries with technology.

Are you as in-control of your time at work as you want to be?


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