Should You Trust Instinct or Logic When Hiring Accountants?

Do you tend to rely more on instinct or logic when deciding which accountants to bring on board your accounting firm? If you are an individual who goes with his or her gut, you likely get pushback for your instinct-trusting ways. After all, trusting one’s gut is controversial because it’s risky.

When you make decisions based on your instinct, you are no longer primarily using your physical senses or logic. Some people will say this is madness in a hiring situation. Others believe trusting your instinct is the only way to hire the right employee.

On the other hand, perhaps you are more likely to rely on facts and figures when hiring a new accountant. Plenty of people choose this course of action.

The Benefits of Trusting Your Instincts About Potential Accountants/Employees

Deciding whom to hire is an individual process, and there is no absolute right or wrong way to go about it. However, certain methods of assessing someone’s potential work better than others. Shelley Levitt, writer for Success Magazine, believes you need a balance of trusting both instinct and logic when hiring new employees.

In her article Go With Your Gut: the Science of Instinct, Levitt highlighted the value of our gut feelings. She mentioned the work of cognitive psychologist Gary Klein, an individual who is pro-instinct. The article states, “When Klein studied how individuals such as firefighters and emergency medical personnel make instant life-or-death decisions, he found they were able to size up situations rapidly by picking up on subtle cues, patterns, and anomalies. Then, they would take decisive action without having to stop and conduct deliberate analysis.” Those who think there is no place for relying on one’s internal senses when hiring an employee should consider such evidence that proves the importance of instinct.

How Heavily Should Instinct Be Relied On When Hiring an Employee?

Listening to your gut may be fine and dandy for someone in a life-or-death situation, but does it work for a hiring manager at an accounting firm? Levitt thinks so…up to a point. She wrote, “Paying attention to your gut, most experts would agree, is a valuable first step in reaching a decision. But unless the decision involves something like picking out a puppy from a litter, you’ll want to combine your gut instinct with more effortful and logical deliberation.” Could it be that the marriage of gut instinct and factual consideration will lead to the best hiring decisions?

There is really no way to know for sure which accountants will be perfect for your firm. But if you have a hunch that a certain accountant belongs with your company AND you have a resume in your hand that indicates his or her good work ethic and skills, you probably have yourself a winner.

Does your personal hiring style center mostly on your mind or your gut?

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