Organization Hacks for Accountants

There’s probably not a single person who wouldn’t benefit from being more organized. The majority of us waste a lot of time and energy doing things that good organizational habits would prevent (like looking for car keys, for example). Having an organized home life is a supreme pleasure, but it pales in comparison to the bliss of being organized at work.

All employed individuals rely to a degree upon organization, but none more so than accounting professionals. Accountants spend their waking hours organizing clients’ finances. It makes these professionals’ jobs infinitely easier if they are organized themselves.

Organization Hacks for Accountants

Are you an accountant who values the art of organization? Are you ready to take your organization habits to the next level? These organization hacks will help you out:


  • Have a “catch-all” basket – Are you sitting at your desk right now? If so, what’s on it? Perhaps there’s a bottle of aspirin and a few random items that belong in your purse or briefcase. For things like this, you need a “catch-all” basket to place on or beside your desk. Baskets can be purchased very inexpensively, and are light and easy to move around. A basket might seem like an insignificant investment, but you’ll be glad you have it when you need a place to quickly toss your hand lotion or that stack of personal mail you’ve been meaning to sort through.


  • Computerize invoices and bills – Accountants understand well how maddening it is to be knee-deep in papers. Computerizing invoices and bills is the best way to prevent papers from piling up. The article Organization Tips for All Accountants states, “Computerizing the invoices, bills, and inventory spreadsheets aids in simplifying all of your major job functions, which is the key to unlocking success in the accounting sphere.”


  • Keep cords/chargers separated – Most accountants live from their mobile devices. Because of this, they are continuously charging their phones, tablets, and laptops while at work. This many devices produce a plethora of cords that easily becomes tangled. Create a cord-organizing “station” by clipping binder clips onto the edge of your desk and running cords through the clips.


  • Ask your boss for the organization tools you need – Does your accounting office have the ultimate organization tool: a system that allows you to easily scan documents? If not, consider asking your boss if it would be possible for the firm to invest in one. There are many scanning systems that are fully automated and help an office run smoothly. Jeff Pickard, CEO of Lucion Technologies, LLC, said, “With the right solution, even large stacks of paper and caches of electronic files can be processed automatically and sent to a central repository, where they are organized according to user preferences (by client name, date, or any other field) and stored for easy retrieval by authorized staff.”


Professional success for accountants goes hand-in-hand with good organization. We would love to know some of your organization hacks, so share a comment with us in the section below.

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