How to Find an Accounting Job FAST

Do you need to find an accounting job fast? Many unemployed accountants around the world feel your pain. While being unemployed puts you in good company, you don’t have to stay there for long. You can find an accounting job more quickly than you may think if you’re willing to implement some simple changes.

Get Hired by Focusing on People, Not Positions

There are many reasons why job candidates prolong their career search. In some cases, the job seeker’s focus is wrong. He or she may be placing too much emphasis on finding the right job instead of the right people. This will impede the process of securing an accounting position.

In his article The Single Best Way to Speed Up Your Job Search, Forbes contributor Bruce Kasanof wrote, “Instead of looking for a job, look for people with whom you would like to work. If you are simply applying for jobs and submitting resumes to companies, you are probably in for a very long slog. But if you use social media and weak connections to find interesting people, the reverse is true; you can speed up your job search. Farm your interests and past for such connections. Look for people who attended the same school as you, grew up in the same state, or played the same sport…look for people with whom you share two or more interests. These are the people who will lead you to a great job.” Later in the article, Kasanof expanded on this idea to ultimately make the point that the best jobs are found through human connections. He encouraged readers to make these connections with people whom they would like to spend 40 or more hours per week with.

To Find an Accounting Job Fast, Contact a Recruitment Agency

One of the smartest moves any accountant seeking employment can make is to take advantage of the services of a professional recruitment agency. These agencies often have spent years building relationships with CPA firms, and are relied upon by such firms to supply top-notch accountants when needed. As Kasanof said, the position you desire will come more quickly via building relationships with like-minded people than through mechanically applying for a bunch of random accounting jobs. A recruiter can connect you with employers that are likely to be a perfect fit for your needs and talents. Drastically increase your visibility to potential employers by reaching out to a recruitment agency today.

Any unemployed accountant will deeply understand the saying “time is money.” They know that for every day they are out of work, they are missing out on earning income. Also, they are not being given opportunities to do what they are passionate about. Is this the boat you find yourself in? If so, make it a priority to 1) Search for people you want to work with, then apply at the firms they are at, and 2) Connect with a professional recruitment agency. Taking these actions will help speed up your job search so that you can get back in the game as soon as possible.

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