Why You Keep Getting Turned Down for Jobs (and How to Turn Things Around)

To say that getting turned down for multiple jobs is discouraging is an understatement. Not only can this affect you financially, it can also erode your self-esteem.

If you are experiencing repeated rejection from employers, you can turn things around. However, you must first understand why employers aren’t hiring you.

3 Reasons You Keep Getting Turned Down for Jobs

It can be easy to berate yourself or ask “what is wrong with me?” when you can’t seem to get hired. But this mindset won’t help you. What will help is understanding what’s keeping the rejection cycle in motion.

Here are a few reasons why potential employers reject job candidates:

1. They are competent but not warm — You might have intelligent, accurate answers to every question thrown at you during an interview, the necessary credentials for the job, and a good work history. But if you aren’t warm and interesting, employers may pass on you.

2. They lack basic interview skills — This can be the case even if the person is 100 percent qualified for a job. A lack of interview skills can send employers running as they want to hire professionals who are effective communicators.  

3. Their social media accounts are unprofessional — Today’s professional must maintain social media accounts that contain only appropriate content if they want to maintain a job. Employers don’t want to onboard someone who will make their company look bad. Social media is such a big deal to employers that 48 percent of them have turned down job seekers based on what they see on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

Ways to Interrupt the Cycle of Rejection from Potential Employers

If any of the scenarios mentioned above apply to you, great! That means you can fix the issues that are keeping you unemployed. Here are a few ways to interrupt the cycle of rejection from employers:

— Practice your interviews and adjust your vibe accordingly. “Ask a good friend to meet over coffee (you’re buying) and practice your responses. Have (him or her) point out if you’re being stiff, long-winded, or seem bored yourself,” wrote a contributor to The Muse.  

— Learn proper interview skills. You can glean these skills from a book, credible YouTube videos, a career coach, or a friend who seems to be a master at acing interviews. You may have to test drive these skills in a few live interviews before you land a job.

— Clean up your digital footprint. This is probably the easiest way to make yourself more hireable. Delete photos, posts, and even friends that could make employers second guess your professionalism. TimeHop, a service “which pulls in your entire social media history and shows you exactly what you posted daily to each platform in past years,” can help with this.

What steps will you take to encourage potential employers to offer you a job?

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