Signs You’ve Found the Right Finance Company to Join

Are you a finance professional looking for the right employer to onboard with? If so, know that you are in high demand. The current finance skills gap has created many job vacancies. “Accounting and finance staff consistently rank in the top ten for the hardest positions to fill,” wrote a contributor to Spark.

If you are an accountant or other finance professional, you will likely have your pick of employers. But before you onboard with a new company, make sure it is a good fit for you.

4 Signs You’ve Found the Right Finance Company to Onboard With

You’ll spend, at the very minimum (and much more during tax season), 40 hours per week at the office you choose to work at. With that in mind, choose your employer wisely.

Here are a few signs you’ve found the right finance company for you:

1. You share the company’s values. If you aren’t sure what they are, ask for the company’s mission statement during your interview. Ask about company culture, what it currently looks like and where management is taking it. Sharing similar values is a great sign you’ve found the right place to work.

2. Your proposed salary is sufficient — Being underpayed causes undue stress. Life is hard enough without the added pressure of not having enough in the bank. Financial stress also distracts you from being the best employee you can be.

The leaders of your ideal company might not overpay you, but they will offer you a salary that meets your needs. If you’d really like to join a particular company you feel isn’t offering you sufficient pay, it won’t hurt to ask for more in a polite, professional way.

3. The interview process was efficient — How an employer conducts the interview process can reveal a lot about the company you are interviewing with. If the process is efficient, most likely the finance company is, too. The Muse stated,

A lack of cohesiveness during this process is a definite red flag. Interviewers might not know exactly what they’re looking for, so they just ask you random questions to fill the time. Or, maybe the interviewers didn’t prepare ahead of time to make sure they’re assessing you on different things and not asking duplicate questions. Either way, it looks like the company might not have its act together when it comes to defining your role and expectations in general.”

Most people will be most comfortable and productive at a company that is organized and prioritizes its employees. The right finance company for you will likely have these qualities.

4. The company feels like home to you — There is a lot of unfamiliarity with starting a new job. No matter how much you like a company and what it stands for, there will be first-day jitters and an uncomfortable adjustment period.

Despite some initial awkwardness, the best finance company may give you a sense of being at home. A belief of “this is where I belong” may override any feelings of uncertainty and hesitancy.

Are You At the Best Finance Company for You?

Do you share values with your current company? How about your salary — is it sufficient? Do you feel at home at your workplace? Last, is the company run efficiently, making your job easier? If not, it may be time to start looking for a finance company that is truly a good fit for you.

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