How to Avoid Getting Too Personal on LinkedIn

For job seekers, LinkedIn is the place to be. The social platform is the perfect place for professionals to network. Since 85 percent of jobs are filled via networking, this makes LinkedIn a vital resource for those seeking a job.

LinkedIn Is Not Like Facebook or Other Social Platforms

While every job seeker should be active on LinkedIn, it’s important that they aim for the right balance of creating an online presence that’s warm and open to connection while at the same time not too personal. They must remember that LinkedIn is not like Facebook or Instagram and does not serve the same purpose. It is a purely professional platform and should be treated as such.

Job Seekers, Here’s How to Avoid Getting Too Personal on LinkedIn

Presenting yourself as approachable on LinkedIn and being the first to reach out to contacts can help you build your professional network. But make sure you maintain your professionalism. Here are a few ways to do this:

1. Don’t publicize your personal life on your LinkedIn profile — There are 25.6 million social media users in Canada. Most of these individuals are used to posting personal information on their social media profiles. Steer clear of this on LinkedIn. On your LinkedIn profile, “Talk about yourself in the first person and add a personal flair — your goals, your passion. Make yourself seem human,” stated Vanessa McGovern, vice president of business development for the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs. But don’t get too personal. For example, don’t announce that you are unemployed, dealing with an illness, or going through a relational crisis. This won’t build rapport with potential contacts — it will scare them off.

2. Never complain about your current or past employer — Most people know not to dog their employer on a social platform, but that doesn’t keep some from doing it. While you shouldn’t trash your current or past employer on any platform, be especially careful with this on LinkedIn as there is no quicker way to repel recruiters and appear unprofessional.  

3. Use excellent grammar — On some social platforms, it is appropriate to ease up a bit on grammar. This is not the case with LinkedIn. When posting on LinkedIn, remember that recruiters and potential employers will be viewing your posts. With this in mind, always use good grammar. Poor grammar detracts from your professionalism and makes your online presence appear too personal.  

4. Don’t advertise your job search — While LinkedIn is a great place to network and find a job, it is not the right platform to publicize your job search. While this would be fine on Facebook, LinkedIn is a different story. “You can use LinkedIn to message potential connections and seek out new roles. But you don’t have to broadcast that you’re looking around in an overt way,” stated Business Insider.     

What to Do When You Aren’t Sure What to Share on LinkedIn

If you ever feel unsure about what to share on LinkedIn, ask yourself if you would share the photo or comment in question at a professional convention. If the answer is “no,” play it safe and opt not to share it.

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