Bored at Work? Here’s How to Become More Engaged

If you find yourself counting down the minutes until you can leave the office, you are not alone. In Canada, only 16 percent of people are engaged at work. If you are part of the other 84 percent of workers, there are a few things you can do to increase your engagement with your job and become more productive and valuable to your employer.  

Tips for Feeling More Engaged with Your Job

Here are a few surefire ways to make your time at the office more interesting and meaningful:

1. Learn more about your company’s goals — Just 40 percent of employees are aware of their company’s goals. This leaves 60 percent of workers out of the loop. Without detailed knowledge of organizational goals and strategies it can be difficult to become personally invested in a company and impossible to understand your role in helping the organization meet its goals. Get some clarity on this by asking your supervisor for a list of company goals. Also, be sure to find out exactly how you are expected to contribute to them.

2. Get to know your coworkers — Loneliness is common in the workplace and can decrease employee engagement. Annie McKee, author of How to Be Happy at Work, said, “Relationships and friendships at work are absolutely critical to happiness, engagement and productivity in the workplace.” If your relationships with your colleagues are shallow, try getting to know your coworkers better. This doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, simply asking one of your peers a question in person as opposed to via email can help to build a relationship and reduce loneliness at work.

3. Shorten your to-do lists — It can be easy to disengage from something we don’t feel we can win at. That’s why having a long to-do list can cause us to mentally check out during work hours. We know we can’t get everything done and hate the feeling of failure, so we unconsciously opt to disengage. To re-engage with your job, try shortening your list of tasks for the day. For example, if it has 15 items on it, try shortening it to 5. Make sure your to-do list is reasonable and that you can get through every item on it. There’s nothing more discouraging and disengaging than feeling like you are constantly behind. Modifying your daily list of work-related tasks can help.

What Helps You Feel Engaged at Work?

Different things make different people feel engaged with their job. For some people, having friends at the office is critically important to employee engagement. For others, knowing that they are contributing to a company’s goals makes time spent at work feel more meaningful. What increases your engagement as an employee?

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