4 Things to Say to Workers to Encourage Employee Engagement

The majority of employees are unhappy and disengaged at work. One reason workers are disengaged is that they don’t like their supervisors. “75 percent of people don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses,” stated The Muse. Bosses can encourage job satisfaction and employee engagement by giving positive feedback to their workers.

“One of the simplest ways for businesses to ensure the happiness of their workers is to make sure bosses and managers use certain words and phrases when talking to (employees).” — Business News Daily

4 Things to Say to Workers to Encourage Employee Engagement

One of the best possible things you can do for your employees is to empower them with your words. Here are four things you can say to increase employee engagement:

1. “This is how the work you are doing is directly benefiting our company” — Have you ever felt as if the work you do just doesn’t matter? If so, you understand how discouraging this is. Letting your employees know not just that their work matters, but exactly how their work is impacting your company, will encourage them to be even more productive.

2. “I appreciate you” — Telling someone directly that you appreciate him or her can feel uncomfortable but it is one of the best things you can possibly say to an employee. Coming from a supervisor, this simple phrase can make an employee’s week — especially if it is followed with what specifically he or she is doing right.

In one large Gallup study, the companies that displayed the highest engagement levels used recognition and praise as powerful motivators to get employee commitment and loyalty. How regularly are we talking? Praise should be given once per week,” stated 13 Things the Smartest Leaders Say to Motivate Their Employees

3. “Come by my office anytime” — Many employees don’t ask questions because they are unaware that you are open to talking with them. Telling them they can stop by your office at any time will break the intimidation barrier and give them the courage they need to approach you with problems and ideas more often.

4. “What is your opinion?” — Asking your employees’ opinions about problems and projects will stir creativity and foster innovation. More importantly, it will show workers that you value them and their opinion. Knowing their ideas matter to you will help your employees speak up when they have a solution to a problem.  

“Receiving praise and recognition is the most important performance motivator.” — Inc.

Use Your Words to Increase Employee Satisfaction  

The secret to empowering underperforming employees is right under your nose. Let your workers know they are free to approach you at any time and how specifically their work is benefiting your company. Ask them for their opinion regularly. Add to that consistent praise and recognition and see what a difference a few encouraging words can make.

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