3 Ways to Offer Constructive Feedback to a CPA Job Candidate Post-Interview

Fifty-three and a half percent of unsuccessful job candidates do not receive feedback after an interview, per The Balance Careers. This is a bad practice that breeds bad business for your CPA firm. Not only can failing to provide feedback post-interview make a poor impression on candidates, but it can also make a major dent in any company’s budget. “Virgin Media, for example, found that it was losing around $5 million per year due to negative candidate experiences,” explained Hello Talent

Constructive Feedback Promotes a Positive Interview Experience for CPA Job Candidates 

You shouldn’t provide feedback to unsuccessful CPA job candidates after an interview merely to protect your bottom line, but also to create a positive buzz around your accounting firm and build your talent pool. By offering constructive feedback and giving job seekers a great interview experience, you will create allies that will most likely be open to being contacted by your firm in the future. 

How to Give Constructive Feedback to Job Candidates After an Interview

Many employers shy away from giving feedback to unsuccessful interviewees for fear of offending them. Others simply don’t want to take the time to do this. Here are some ideas for giving quality feedback to CPA job candidates post-interview:

1) Be honest — Honesty should be the prime ingredient in the feedback you offer interviewees. After all, only honest feedback will benefit CPA job candidates and help them improve. “Candidates deserve honesty and telling them the truth will earn you their respect,” stated Ignite Digital Talent. They will also sense your sincerity and appreciate your accounting firm all the more for it. 

2) Be specific — When giving feedback, it’s best to be direct and specific, not vague. Your goal should be to leave the CPA job candidate with no questions about why they were not chosen for the job. A contributor to LinkedIn stated, “It might be uncomfortable to tell that candidate that you found a dozen rudimentary errors in their work…. But instead of leaving them wondering about what they did wrong, it’s ultimately way more helpful to be specific.”

3) Be helpful — When giving feedback to someone post-interview, be sure to let them know some practical ways they can improve. This will show them that you care about their professional success and will help them make critical changes. For example, if the candidate was missing experience, explain how they might gain the experience your firm requires, such as getting their foot in the door with an accounting firm that offers internships. Going above and beyond by connecting them with a firm would be most appreciated by the interviewee.

78% of Job Candidates Tell Others About Bad Interview Experiences

Seventy-eight percent of job candidates will tell others about a bad interview experience, according to the Venturi Group. This suggests that candidates will also tell their friends and family about a good interview experience, even if they did not end up securing the position. Set your accounting firm apart from all the others by making it a priority to give unsuccessful CPA job candidates a good interview experience. This will promote goodwill and build your talent pool.

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