3 Tips to Help CPA Firm Managers Become Better Leaders in 2017

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Are you a CPA firm manager who wants to become a better leader in 2017? The good news is that this is an absolutely attainable goal. In fact, becoming a more skilled leader is as easy as trying out a few tips.

3 Tips to Help CPA Firm Managers Become Better Leaders in 2017

What type of leader do you think you are: poor, excellent, or somewhere in between? No matter how much help you need in the area of leadership, these 3 tips will have you off to a good start this year:

1) Seek situations that trigger feelings of intimidation – Do you ever find yourself avoiding potentially intimidating situations? (For example: confronting an employee about something, giving staff members a chance to outshine you, delegating more responsibility to employees, etc.) We all do. The only way to overcome the limiting feelings of intimidation is to put yourself in situations that trigger them. If you did nothing but vow to stop avoiding situations in which you feel insecure, you’d soon become a leader immune to intimidation.

2) Don’t let the desire for popularity affect your decision-making process – It’s totally normal to want your staff to like you. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, this desire can negatively affect your decision making, which can weaken your leadership skills. This year, make it a point to accept that not everyone will be on board with your decisions. In his article Leadership – 5 Tips to Improve Your Decision Making, Dominic McCarthy wrote, “One thing that can get in the way of effective decision making is worrying that you will be unpopular and that people will be unhappy. Accept that each time you make a decision, a proportion of people will support it, a proportion of people will be against it, and a proportion of people will be neutral. Don’t let (the desire for) popularity get in the way of making a decision.”

3) Be more encouraging – As a manager, it’s crucial that you are encouraging to your staff. Accounting isn’t always the easiest profession to be in, and your accountants probably need more verbal affirmation than they are receiving. Even though it can feel vulnerable to consistently tell people what they are doing right, it is a skill great leaders have. Jon Brandon, contributing editor to, said, “We live in complex, competitive times and people are inundated with too many tasks and not enough time. Technology and business life can be overwhelming, so it’s important to point out any ‘wins’, no matter how small. And, if you do have to criticize, think seriously about the impact first.” You have nothing to lose by becoming more genuinely encouraging, so why not begin today?

Which of these tips are you most likely to try in 2017? Share your thoughts with us in the section below.


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